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Readers love it!

“… An emotional and provocative tale portraying the depths of love.”

“… inspiring and poignant account of what ’til death do us part’ really means…”

“… As a reader, your heart and soul bleeds for these characters as they face the enormity of their personal conflicts.”

So do experts!

“I highly recommend this story to anyone in a committed relationship or who wants a committed relationship–one that not only works, but brings it up a notch to a sacred sexuality where sex and love no longer compete.”

Dr. Brenda Schaeffer, author of the best-selling Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

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Backcover image with textDo you believe God encourages pleasurable sex, emotional intimacy, and spiritual connection?

A dramatic tale of passion and faith, this love story will inspire people who want to go deeper into a committed, faith-based marriage.

All of Me Wants All of You presents a bold portrait of four adults whose relationship crises are in desperate need of some divine intervention.

Stuck in a sexless marriage, Dean Nelson is at his wit’s end……

Ideal for Book Clubs! Inspiration for Christian wives and mothers…

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About Me

JZ Howard I write Edgy Christian Fiction for readers who find traditional Christian novels too sterile and which reflect only “nice” issues in real-life relationships.

My fiction does not shy away from issues of sexuality and pleasure, spiritual confusion and fear. Human relationships are complex, nuanced, and full of emotional and ethical gray areas. In this context, my characters struggle to connect more powerfully with the Sacred to find the guidance, faith, and strength to make choices that edge them closer to each other, and lift them closer to our Creator’s vision for their lives.


Author Interview: Traditional vs. Edgy Christian Fiction

“[Charles Dickens] was quoted saying: ‘Depictions of cruelty and viciousness must be allowed. Though darkness must be part of a story, the darkness shall not overwhelm. But if the dark is not truthfully dark, the light cannot be truthfully light.’ If anything nails what edgy means, that says it for me.”

Click to read more of this interview where I discuss what makes Edgy Christian Fiction “edgy,” why it’s needed, and how it’s not really a new phenomenon.