Author Interview: Traditional vs. Edgy Christian Fiction

“[Charles Dickens] was quoted saying: ‘Depictions of cruelty and viciousness must be allowed. Though darkness must be part of a story, the darkness shall not overwhelm. But if the dark is not truthfully dark, the light cannot be truthfully light.’ If anything nails what edgy means, that says it for me,” says J.Z.

Click to read more of this interview where J.Z. discusses what makes Edgy Christian Fiction “edgy,” why it’s needed, and how it’s not really a new phenomenon.


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One thought on “Author Interview: Traditional vs. Edgy Christian Fiction

  1. What a great interview conducted by Ennyman – a very interesting read indeed! What truly struck home for me was your comment that since we are very much part of today’s world, we must communicate in a way so that our message can be heard. Otherwise, we set ourselves up to fail. Whether our message is sacred or secular, if it is not written for today’s readers, why write it at all? One cannot write in a vacuum – we are all of this world.