All of Me Wants All of You (Minneapolis, MN: ALL4U, 2014)

Dean Nelson searched for loving words to write in the anniversary card to his wife. ‘To my one true love forever,’ he considered writing, but mentally scratched it out. An intriguing mix of love, sex, and spiritual awakening, J. Z. Howard’s All of Me Wants All of You presents a bold portrait of four adults whose relationship crises are in desperate need of some divine intervention. Mired in a sexless marriage, Dean Nelson is at his wit’s end. He seeks refuge with the beautiful Larissa Beaumont, but his conscience demands that he call off the budding relationship. After discovering Dean’s emotional affair, his wife, Kate, confronts Larissa. The two women form an unexpected friendship, however, and Larissa sets out to help Kate mend her perilously shaky marriage. But Larissa herself fears that she’ll never find her soul mate. An introduction to Dean’s friend Trevor Harrington, however, brings renewed faith that maybe love is possible after all. A dramatic tale of passion and faith, All of Me Wants All of You is an entertaining love story that inspires people who want to go deeper in a committed relationship.

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