Dangerous Beauty

Some years ago the movie Dangerous Beauty commanded my attention largely because the heroine, Veronica Franco (played by Catherine McCormack), discovered the pleasures and powers of embracing her potent sexuality. If you also watched it, do you recall how vividly the story of her role as a voluptuous courtesan (a highly paid, cultured prostitute) in 1500s Venice wowed the city’s male population with her beauty, wit, and courage? And that’s only one thread in a rich tapestry of dramatic events and memorable characters told artistically and tastefully.

If you’re intrigued by the ways female and male sexuality/love intertwine, conflict, and ultimately mesh, then this tale will prove a treat. In addition to the opulent Venetian culture of that time period and Veronica’s personal history (she really lived), there is abundant social commentary about feudal society’s rules and taboos that reflect our own social morals today.

Here’s a link to the trailer and full movie: Dangerous Beauty

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