Hello. I’m J.Z. Howard, the author of

All of Me Wants All of You.

JZ Howard

I write Edgy Christian Fiction for readers who find traditional Christian novels too sterile and which reflect only “nice” issues in real-life relationships.

My fiction does not shy away from issues of sexuality and pleasure, spiritual confusion and fear. Human relationships are complex, nuanced, and full of emotional and ethical gray areas. In this context, my characters struggle to connect more powerfully with the Sacred to find the guidance, faith, and strength to make choices that edge them closer to each other, and lift them closer to our Creator’s vision for their lives.

I write Edgy Christian Fiction because Jesus was edgy. [Read more on Edgy Christian Fiction!]

I live with my wife and true love (along with our dog “Waffles”) in a cozy home with knotty pine paneling in Minnesota, and enjoy regular get-togethers with my beloved adult daughter and teenage grandson.

Prior to writing full time, I worked for 10 years in television, and for 17 years as a professional addictions counselor helping people to discover the rewards of recovery and joys of staying sober. I’ve also directed award-winning videos and published three addiction recovery books.

Throughout my life and career, I’ve looked at life through the eyes and hearts of people who strive for the very best in their lives. I’ve learned that by developing and balancing both the masculine and feminine qualities in our life, we become more motivated to live selflessly. In that way, we can contribute generously to the lives of others and gradually inherit the magnificent spiritual blessings we were created to enjoy.

My optimism and the inspiration for the good I try to do come from God, the rock of my Christian faith.

Interview with the Author

From Ennyman’s Territory: JZ Howard Talks About Intimacy and His New Book All of Me Wants All of You

“J.Z. Howard’s book All of Me Wants All of You is categorized as a Contemporary Inspirational Love Story, but it’s a far cry from modern romance fiction. This is a seriously well-written novel that vividly paints four characters and thrusts them into situations that unearth and shake the foundations of who they are, what they really want and what they believe.”

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