Meet the characters

Dean Nelson

Dean, 50, works at a productive career in corporate HR yet his marriage to Kate and their daughters have always come first. He is hard-working and passionate (some might say driven), and enjoys playing golf and winning at poker. He cares deeply for others. Being a sensitive listener, he enjoys counseling people who seek him out for emotional wisdom concerning life’s challenges. Over the years his connection with Kate has lacked the joy-filled intimacy he believes they both deserve, and he is convinced God intends far better.

Kate Nelson

Kate, 49, is the mother of two teenagers, Nicole and Lindsay. Like many suburban women approaching fifty, she lives in a comfortable home and drives a SUV around town––and is busy, busy, busy. Her volunteer activities at church demand much of her time and energy, which she gladly offers as her service to God and to needy people. She relaxes playing Scrabble and taking walks in nature. Her carefully guarded secret? Wrenching dismay from years of avoiding sexual intimacy with her husband.

Larissa Beaumont

Larissa, 39, owns and runs her new fitness boutique and floral business. Artistic, self-motivated, and endowed with a voluptuous figure, she turns men’s heads wherever she goes. As the single mother of a temperamental son, 18 year-old Cody, she strives to instill moral values in his party-boy behavior. Due to an exhausting childhood in foster care and never being married (although once so close), her woundedness has soured her view of God and spoiled her hopes of ever finding true love.

Trevor Harrington

Trevor, 41, grew up in Kenya as the oldest child to missionary parents from America. At age 12, a blazing car tire hurled during a riot burned the skin on his back leaving scars reaching to his ears. At twenty he moved to the United States for seminary and stayed. Never married (although once so close), he serves as the missionary pastor at Spirit Hills Church in Minneapolis and truly believes in God’s abundant powers. Trevor laughs easily, jokes often, enjoys verbal word play, and drives a classic sky-blue MG.