Reconciling Sex and Spirit

sex as spiritual practice“Pure sexual energy is as unstable as dynamite and just as explosive.” That’s one of the dozen and more pithy takeaways from a brief article I discovered by Robert Peng, Why Sex Should Be Treated as a Spiritual Practice. Brimming with wisdom in every paragraph, Peng’s insights will educate and inspire seekers hoping to understand the mysterious connection between erotic sexuality and cosmic spirituality.

In order to “reconcile the square of sex with the circle of spirit,” Peng writes, it is necessary to “identify the fundamental, seemingly irreconcilable differences between male and female sexuality.” Then he goes on to clearly explain understandable ways to unify those differences that makes inherent sense (information a person has always known but never put into words).

Click to read his article and find out for yourself. Are you as enlightened (and convinced) as I a

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